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 David J Harris DDS, MSD                 Endo Onset

Paradigm Shift

Local anesthetic works fast and profound, 71% 2 minutes or less!



Patient Comfort

44% felt zero pain on injection without topical!!


Quick Onset

71% achieved pulpal anesthesia in less than two minutes!!!



Reduced Stress

Consistent anesthesia, patient comfort, predictable schedule flow, less chair time will make for a great day of dentistry!!!!



Welcome to EndoOnset


I am David Harris, and I have been a practicing endodontics in Stow, Ohio since 1995.  I have been using the Onset system since May of 2014.  Dr. Malamed introduced the system to me, and at first, I was skeptical.  He convinced me to try it, and I am so thankful that I listened to him.  The advantages encompass everything that Dr. Mic Falkel articulates, and more!  There really has not been a greater advance in dental anesthesia in my lifetime.  The dental milestones of the last 65 years have been; the transition from esters to amides in 1949, and the introduction of Articaine in 2000 to the US markets.  Buffered anesthetics are not new, but the ease and consistency that the Onset system offers is innovative.  The Onset system continues to benefit my practice every day.







When I was asked by oraPHARMA to speak to my colleagues on their behalf, I was more than happy to share my experiences with buffered anesthetics and the amazing benefits it has brought to my practice.


***No longer Onset by OraPharma.....it is now Onset by OnPharma***

David J Harris DDS, MSD Buffered Anesthetic thoughts

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My first post!

Feb 27, 2015
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